How culture is messy and why that’s good | John Curran | TEDxHull

John Curran on “How culture is messy and why that’s good” TEDxHull

We are making a big mistake by simplifying how culture works. It shapes how we live our lives, the values we hold, the relationships we form and the decisions we make. Culture is also complex, it’s messy, it’s unpredictable, it’s irrational. In order to innovate new creative possibilities, we need to embrace the complexity of culture. […]
Would you like to see some science? | Phil Bell-Young | TEDxHull

Science Communicator and Science Outreach Officer Phil Bell-Young | TEDxHull

As a science communicator, there are many things you need to consider before presenting a talk. Age range, the academic level of the audience and location can all potentially affect how a presenter delivers a talk – as well as how they can make it more engaging. But how do you engage with people and audiences who would not normally attend a […]
Algorave: algorithmic dance culture | Alex McLean | TEDxHull

Algorave: algorithmic dance culture – talk by Alex McLean TEDxHull

Algoraves are parties where people dance to algorithms, where all the music and visuals are made by live coders who work by exposing and reworking ‘source code’ – the innards of software – on the fly. What does this mean, technically, culturally, historically? Alex finds an answer in pattern – patterns in numbers, in sounds […]
The surprising things I learned exploring Planet Earth | Ness Knight | TEDxHull

The surprising things I learned exploring Planet Earth – talk by Ness Knight

We all have moments in our lives where something changes, where we have a profound shift in perspective, and for explorer Ness Knight that happened while solo adventuring. Next year she will row 7000+ nautical miles solo, non-stop and unassisted across the vast Pacific Ocean. More people have stood on the moon than rowed this […]
What can cancer tell us about itself? | Isabel Pires | TEDxHull

Dr Isabel Pires talks – What can cancer tell us about itself? TEDxHull

One of the best tools we have to study cancer is cancer itself, in the shape of the cancer cell line. Cell lines are incredibly advantageous tools used worldwide to advance our knowledge of cancer and how to better treat it. But they also hide a fascinating history. This will be a tale of immortality, […]